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Emotional support
for all mothers

A toolkit full of
practical support to
make motherhood better.

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The Compassion Project

We can’t avoid difficult days, but we can meet them well

"I wish I had this toolkit in the very early days of parenthood! It's such a beautiful resource to fall back on during the harder days and you can tell how much effort has gone into making it. Go and get them for your family, it's more than worth it!"

– Laura Lehmann

“This toolkit has been so wisely crafted, thoughtfully curated and lovingly packaged to really just feel like a wise friend at your beck and call. I am still getting to know all the practices and tools, but every time I reach for it I feel a sense of being seen and empowered to have some solutions to work with. Highly recommend for any mother, at any phase on their journey.”

– Saffron

“Such a in depth thoughtful resource for Mummas.
Some great well researched and backed research with real solutions. Good substance to the cards and reference book. Would recommend for any Mum seeking some additional guidance/ emotional support resources.”

– Jay Chipman

“This toolkit has helped me through some pretty challenging days as a mum. When your kids aren't letting up and you need some time out, it's a good reminder to stop, breathe, take a card and take it all in. Highly recommend!”

– Mel

Support for
the nervous system

Solace for the heart

Motherhood is an impossible job for just one person. A job that can leave you squeezed down to the last drop of your energy, hanging on by your frayed nerve but having to show up in the morning to do it all over again.

We all know that motherhood brings so much love and joy to our lives. But we don't always acknowledge that it also brings exhaustion, overwhelm, shame, guilt and anger.

Wherever you are and whatever you feel, the Emotional Support for Mothers toolkit has been designed to meet and hold your difficult emotions - and provide structure and support to move through your difficult days.

The Emotional Support for Mothers Toolkit

For all that arises in you

From dealing with immediate stress to developing deeper self-connection and wisdom—the toolkit will support whatever arises in you.

It includes practical and compassionate ways for mothers to calm their nervous system, regulate their emotions, build their resilience and develop greater emotional wisdom.

This toolkit includes:

66-card deck with 100+ simple emotional support practices that can be done from home in 5 minutes or less.

Guidebook for Mothers including 200 pages of education, support, inspiration and validation.

Meet difficulty in three simple ways

with the Emotional Support for Mothers Toolkit


Know what you're feeling and what you need to be ok right in this moment.

Emotional first aid

Access 100+ quick, simple, supportive practices to regulate stress and regain peace.

Calm the farm

Build emotional resilience together with your children and family.

"Full of raw honesty and profound empathy, Belinda combines the supportive embrace of a best friend, together with the ageless wisdom of a spiritual guide reminding us of our innate goodness in the real and messy moments of everyday parenting."

– Neelama Eyres, Co-Founder & Director of Applied Compassion Training, CCARE Stanford University

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