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Support for mothers

All mothers face
difficult days

Whether navigating the transition from woman to mother, managing the tantrums of toddlerhood, or guiding a teen through the highs and lows of almost-grown-up life—every stage of motherhood is full of joy and full of difficult days.

The Compassion Project’s first resource, the Emotional Support for Mothers Toolkit embraces and supports all mothers in all of their experiences and on all of their difficult days.

“Everything about the toolkit has been lovingly made with so much attention and care, that you will begin to cherish it as a sacred part of your day. The science-backed tips, practices and tools are so relatable, doable and realistic even when you can't imagine how to pull yourself back into the present moment. All mothers deserve to be as seen as this toolkit offers.”

– Saffron

“The toolkit helped me understand my own experience of motherhood better and develop useful practices to guide me in my journey.”

– Anna

“A useful resource for challenging days when you need extra support, validation and inspiration. The practices are very supportive for mothers who are navigating the ups and downs of mothering in the modern world.”

– Claire

The missing piece of modern mothering

Parenting programs teach the importance of maintaining a calm, patient and loving presence in our children’s lives. 

But they don’t teach us how to regulate our emotions in the heat of the moment—or what to do when we inevitably fail to be a perfectly calm, patient and loving mother.

The Emotional Support for Mothers toolkit aims to provide the missing piece of modern mothering with a practical how-to for nervous system support, emotional self-regulation, resilience and wisdom. 

Grounded in the reality of day-to-day parenting, it treats mothers as real people who make mistakes and fail. And it supports mothers to meet the full joy and catastrophe of motherhood with greater confidence and ease.

How the toolkit helps

Specifically designed for busy, overwhelmed mothers and mother figures with frazzled nervous systems, low energy and limited emotional capacity.

Created using research-based, therapeutic approaches including—mindfulness, compassion (including self-compassion), embodiment, yoga nidra, polyvagal theory, somatic experiencing, coaching and positive psychology and more.

Including 100+ simple practices for a range of emotions and experiences that can be done from home in 5 minutes or less.

This toolkit includes:

Emotional first-aid practices

✹ Meet and move through the specific emotions of overwhelm, anxiety, anger, sadness and shame

✹ Quickly calm the nervous system and regulate the emotions

✹ Mindfulness support to go from the heat of the moment to the heart of the moment.

Emotional connection + skill building practices

✹ Name and tame your feelings 

✹ Develop a deeper emotional connection and understanding of self

✹ Proactively rewire the brain for greater flourishing

✹ Build skills in self-compassion and emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience in children + family practices

✹ Develop emotional wisdom, compassion and resilience together with your children and family.

Deeper emotional wisdom

✹ The Guidebook offers inspiration, self-reflection and education for deeper personal exploration.

Created by Belinda Haan

From the trenches of motherhood

Australian Mum of two, Belinda Haan experienced chronic inner turmoil, self-criticism and shame despite ticking every box of external ‘success’. As a mindfulness and compassion teacher and multidisciplinary coach who worked with mothers for years, she also witnessed a storm of shame and grief in her clients as they grappled with emotional dysregulation and imperfection in their relationships with their children. 

Belinda is guided by the belief that compassion is the enduring path to navigating the everchanging, intense and beautiful experience of motherhood—and to being truly present in every wonderful moment of those long days but short years. Belinda created the Emotional Support for Mothers toolkit as a practical way for mothers to meet themselves and whatever they are experiencing with greater acceptance, self-compassion and inner ease.

Partner with us to
support all mothers

Belinda’s mission for the Emotional Support for Mothers toolkit is to reach as many Mums and mothering figures as possible to become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

We work with a range of wholesalers, stockists, collaborators and ambassadors to bring more compassion and support to communities experiencing suffering.

If you’d like to partner with us to help more mothers navigate difficult days and difficult emotions with greater compassion and ease we’d love to talk with you.