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The village behind The Emotional Support For Mothers Toolkit

The village behind The Emotional Support For Mothers Toolkit

It takes a village to raise a child. And, it has taken a village to create the Emotional Support for Mothers Toolkit. 

I want to acknowledge a few of the incredible people that have shared my vision to bring more compassion to mothers and to the motherhood journey. 

Design + Illustration

Crystal Oliver

Photo of Crystal Oliver

My partner-in-design and beauty, and Melbourne-based mother Crystal Oliver is the person responsible for how soothing and beatufiul the toolkit (and this website) is. She is nothing short of a creative genuis and a wonderful human. Every.single.time Crystal wowed me and took my aspirations and then tripled it. We have been working together so closely these past 12 months and it has truly been a relationship of great ease, appreciation and joy. We both navigated great challenges and joys personally and flowed with our energy to create a toolkit born from a shared desire to support mothers. 

Brook Gossen

Photo of Brook Gossen

The beautiful, purple-haired woman on the front of the toolkit is by Brisbane-based mother and artist, Brook Gossen. She had a difficult brief - initially we were wanting to represent all mothers so that people felt seen just by looking at it. In such a small space, and with an unlimited number of mothers, this was impossible to achieve! The purple-haired woman was Brook's response to my aspiration and I just love her. She is so cool and does a great job at bringing compassion through artwork. 


Karen Comer

Photo of Karen Comer

Karen Comer was the dream editor and book coach. Upon first meeting, I knew she was the woman to support me through my first published book - a fellow sensitive soul with a sincere wish to reduce suffering in motherhood and decades of editing experience under her belt. She was able to remain calm and steady throughout even though my creative process was non-linear and at times, quite messy! She patiently waited for me while I stayed in the messiness and then emerged with spaciousness and clarity. She has left me feeling immensely proud of this project and it is in large part due to her groundedness and editing. 


Expert and mother-informed support

Woman holding her hands in a love heart

This project was immense. My ideas were seemingly unlimited. And, as a person not gifted with natural confidence, I really thought that I would have so much imposter syndrome and self-doubt as I head into launch. But this is not the case. I am incredibly proud of this toolkit and it is because it has been so well supported by experts in their field and mothers who have provided excellent ideas to make it as valuable as possible. 

Neelama Eyres, Co-Director of Applied Compassion Training, CCARE Stanford University, was the mid-wife for this project. She was my mentor and also my supporter and sounding board in good times and in doubt. She is an embodiment of compassion and truly made this process enjoyable. 

Robert Cusick, Co-Director of Applied Compassion Training, CCARE Stanford University, has supported me to embody both mindfulness and compassion and his nuanced ideas helped me overcome my own challenges with both. 

Sam Voolstra is a guardian of this toolkit. As an expert in trauma recovery, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and supervisor of iRest (Integrative Restoration), she was the perfect person to help me ensure that this toolkit was trauma sensitive. As someone who has practiced mindfulness for decades, the missing piece for me has been trauma-sensitivity and I am proud to include this lens to the toolkit.  

Other friends and colleagues who have supported and inspired me and whose work have enriched this toolkit are: Tracy WhittonKellie Stirling, Nisha Gill, Feyona Lau, Justine La Roche.

Thank you to all the mothers who provided the most incredible ideas for the toolkit design and practices. The toolkit has been genuinely enriched and improved from your feedback.

And finally, there have been so many friends and family members who have cheered me on from the sidelines. It has been a joy to receive their support. None more than my amazing hubby, Benny. 

Thank you to the village who have supported this offering to mothers. 

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