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The Compassion Project

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Navigating life with Self-Compassion

In this episode, Kellie Stirling and Belinda Haan discuss what self-compassion means, why it is so hard for us to demonstrate it to ourselves, how we can learn to demonstrate it and how it supports us to thrive in life.

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed by motherhood?

In this episode of Beyond the Bump, Sophie, Jayde and Belinda dive into the very real challenges of motherhood and how to access self-compassion through it all.

Self-compassion for mothers

A conversation with Neelama Eyres, Co-Founder and Director of Applied Compassion Training, CCARE Stanford University.

Maggie Dent recommends the toolkit!

In her article about matrescence and the mental load of mothers, Maggie recommends the Emotional Support for Mothers toolkit as a resource to that can help.

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